The Bat Project is run by a small group of 6th graders at our school in Ms. Penney's class.

At lunch time on most days, our group gets together and we talk about the decline of our little brown bat and what we can do to help the population. We also work on designing our website.

How it all started:

Back in November 2015, Ms. Penney's class made their own bat projects. We researched and studied White Nose Syndrome and bats, but we couldn't seem to physically help them. That's why we designed our small group into a bat saving group.

Over the years, White Nose Syndrome has become a serious disease in bats. Back in 2007, not many people were aware of the disease, but now, we have become much more aware of it. If you want to help our bats, visit our "How you Can Help" page.

We are:

Also waiting for profile pics from Bob Saget, Hila Billy, Batman and Bubbles.