Hey everybody, it's Black Mamba here!! Today we were brainstorming some ideas for expanding from just our website, so Ark is creating a QuizUp (the most popular quiz game in the world) topic about saving our bats. Rachel also made a topic, so go to that one as well for other stuff.

Monica is sharing our link throughout a bunch of different topics on the app, so people can go to the site and learn about us and the bats. Phoebe and Rachel made an Instagram account for the site, so be on the watch for that.

Link to QuizUp: https://www.quizup.com/topics/_6aa927e2-c6c2-4845-8392-e7abd77c207c

Mamba out.

Attendance (not our real names instead our bat project nicknames!): 
Black Mamba, Ark, Arrow, Illuminati, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Jello, Bob Saget, Batman and RedStarLazer
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