I think that we all have forgotten to update the website during the summer because we all have been very busy. It is boxing day and I have seen no evidence of work on helping the bats with W.N.S when school starts back again I will try to get the ream to work on the website.

Merry belated Christmas (or Hanukah.)

I have some really good news for everyone! Yesterday scientists discovered a new WHOLE COLONY of unaffected bats! This is great news because we now know that bats have more time to breed and start repopulating our country with bats before WNS reaches them. Scientists are not disclosing the location of the cave where the colony is settled for safety reasons, but it is great news for bats!

We love our new toy bats! They are so cute!

Our 14 bats from batcon arrived today. We opened the package as a group!

I'm super excited to open up the package of our bats. Yesterday was fun with Prof. Broders.
Right now it is 12:05pm. I have to go to lunch! Bye everyone, stay tuned for more updates on our website and social medias like Instagram and Twitter.

Chicken Kabab for supper!

We want to thank Professor Hugh Broders for coming to our classroom to show your PowerPoint and talking to us, and answering our question!!!
We want to thank you so much for entertaining us and teaching us through out the day!
Sincerely, The Members of Save Our Bats.

Hey guys, GoldiLox here. Today im going to talk about Professor Broders coming to our classroom.
Yesterday Prof. Broders came to us to talk about how WNS effcts bats and how WNS can spread around the Province.
He also talked about bats around the world!

Lots of Happiness

<3 GoldiLox

Thinking of intelligent questions to ask Professor Broders.

We had professor Broders come in and share some info about bats and WNS. I learned a lot and i think everyone in the bat club learned at least one fact about bats and WNS.

At the end, professor Broders gave our teacher a bat detector. It is basically a sound amplifier that can make a sound that the human ear can't hear, Into a sound as loud as the regular human voice.

The Professor wearing our 'Save Our Bats' pin!