Bats (like the little brown bat) have been dramatically decreasing in population because of White Nose Syndrome. Here are some ways that you can help the bat population.

You can build a bat house

Please check out this video from Bat Conservation International with great tips for where to hang your bat house.

Building a bat house is a very fun way to help the bats in our community! It gives the bats a place to hibernate during the winter or during daytime. For more info on making bat houses, click on this link-

For more info on buying bat houses, click on this link-

You can cut down on using lawn pesticides.

Lawn pesticides, though they make your lawn look nice, are actually VERY harmful to bats. In using them, you could be killing bats every day. Cutting down on lawn pesticides is an easy way to help the bats.

Don`t be scared! Bats are your friends.

Another way to help bats is to be careful if you ever find a bat, don't hurt them, or harm them. If a bat is in your attic or somewhere else in your home, do not be scared of them. Be scared for them!

A bat will not hurt you. So do not worry about a bat in your home just open a door or window at let it out. A bat will not nest in your hair like in the stories and movies.

Avoid Disturbing Bats

Don't go in caves where bats live and stay out of hibernating sites.

Raise awareness & Donate

You can raise awareness by telling your class (or somebody else) about it, creating a website like we did, or by making posters. Donate to organizations like that conduct research to find ways to stop WNS!