Field day

Hey guys, the end of the year is almost here, and there is still no sign of the bats we ordered. The bake sale was almost three weeks ago they should be here. Although that is a little disappointing, we have LOTS going on right now! field day is here at our school in 3 days, and we are doing two games for it. Ark, Rachel, Phoebe, and me, Monica, are doing an obstacle course. We are going to pretend that water that we fill in a sponge is the cure, and we squeeze it out into a bucket at the end of an obstacle course, and if the water goes up to the top of a line that we will draw, they have saved Stanley. We are still deciding on the other game. we have other HUGE news that should be in a journal entry soon.


Attendance (not our real names instead our bat project nicknames!): 
I got to go so I'm just going to say some people came
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