Bat Detector!

We had professor Broders come in and share some info about bats and WNS. I learned a lot and i think everyone in the bat club learned at least one fact about bats and WNS.

At the end, professor Broders gave our teacher a bat detector. It is basically a sound amplifier that can make a sound that the human ear can't hear, Into a sound as loud as the regular human voice.

i hope that i can use the bat detector at least once before the year ends. I highly doubt that i will be able to get to use it, But i won't give up. I'm fascinated by the sound of the echolocation. And the human ear can't hear the sound of echolocation. So i have to use a bat detector in order to hear the sound of echolocation.

well i have to go. Now signing off, Batman.

Attendance (not our real names instead our bat project nicknames!): 
Illuminati, Ark, Glodilox, Arrow, Red Star Lazer, Phoebe, Robin, and Momma-Bat.
Schedule Conflict: 
Talent Show Practice