Bat populations worldwide are in decline - much due to human activity. But now, there is a new culprit...

In 2006, scientists started finding a white fungus on dead bats. They named this disease White Nose Syndrome (WNS). In ten short years, WNS has spread over thousands of kilometres in North America and has been the cause of our little brown bat population dropping sharply.

We are not immune here in Nova Scotia. Have you seen a little brown bat lately? If you say yes, then you are lucky to have a sighting. Our little brown bat population has dropped severely since WNS reached Nova Scotia. Scientists predict that in a few short years 99% of the little brown bat population will be dead!

We need to do something. We can't stand by waiting for this to happen!

We need bats and they need us!

Regardless if you think they are cute or ugly - this is the time to stand up for bats. Don't think for one second you don't need bats. You do! We all do! Our planet needs them too!

Every one of us needs to be an advocate for our little brown bat - for all bats!


What we are doing

We're spreading the word, starting conversations about bat conservation, attempting to educate and inform our families and school mates.

We're building this website to reach people outside of our circles to continue to educate and raise awareness.

We are raising money to donate to a reputable organization ( to help with research in finding a way to stop WNS and save the precious little brown bats we have left.

So far we have raised $460.30 to donate to BCI's Adopt-a-Bat program. We have raised enough money to adopt 15 bats. We hope to adopt more!


What we want you to do

Educate yourself about WNS and then educate others. Help protect the few bats we have left.

If you do stumble across a bat, don't interfere with it or harm it in anyway. Treat it with respect.

And most importantly donate and be a part of the plan to find a solution to this problem.